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Meet Tim Pasken and Ryan Nickell


A knack for marketing Silicon Valley homes, a devotion to serving others, an outstanding work ethic, and a longtime passion for education are the hallmarks of Tim and Ryan’s real estate career.  Making the Inc. 5000 list, their EQ1 team has earned a spot among the top 1% of REALTORS nationwide and in the top 1% in Santa Clara County.

As real estate entrepreneurs, investors, and Realtors, Tim and Ryan value continuing their service, an extention of their time serving abroad in the U.S. Navy.  Now serving their clients, discovering their needs and tastes, working hard leveraging their full-time marketing, design, and creative team, they have exceeded seller's expectations every time, netting them well over list price.  Their passion and specialty is helping homeowners, especially Veterans, maximize the value of their home for sale, through consulting on ways to maximize their return on investment.  They also love helping buyers who want to live a Silicon Valley homeowner lifestyle without bearing the full costs of Silicon Valley home ownership.  Always striving to build and maintain long-term relationships with clients long after the purchase or sale of a home, clients have praised them on the instant accessibility and prompt responses to each client's concerns and needs.  Local community neighbors routinely reach out to them as a point of contact for recommendations and referrals for their real estate needs.

As early as their first days in the business and now, Tim and Ryan, Listings Specialists, apply groundbreaking techniques to real estate marketing and business development.  Check out their property-specific marketing to see for yourself just how much of a difference it makes for buyers.  “I’ve always been an early adopter, I pour myself into my career and do as much education and research as I can in order to stand out, especially when it comes to negotiations,” says Tim, who holds a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree.  Ryan mentions, “I’ve done things differently than other agents for a long time, marketing from the ground up and staying ahead of the curve.  As other agents grow frustrated with the surge of technology, I embrace it, educate myself regularly and implement what I learn.  I thrive on giving my clients what, unfortunately, most fail to.  I run my business like a business, not a part-time hobby, which equals happy clients!”

Their multiple credentials and their consultative approach to client relations prove that, if there’s something to learn, Tim and Ryan will embrace it.  Fortunately, they don’t keep the education to themselves, “I’m in the process of developing a training program for real estate agents around the country,” Ryan says, explaining that in 2018 they conducted in-person seminars for first-time home buyers and helped educate other REALTORS on the topic of online marketing properties for sale.  After all, he says it’s more important now than ever for buyers and sellers to hire experienced, trained agents. “The more every agent knows, the better off every client and agent will be,” he says.  “And the better job each agent does with marketing and selling homes, the better we all do; a rising tide floats all ships.”

Tim and Ryan place such great importance on marketing that they have three dedicated full-time staff members dedicated to marketing, to include a digital marketer and a marketing specialist — including Armo, a professional full-time videographer.  They also hire two specialists that help optimize the various Social Media platforms and help target buyers who are also looking to sell, helping target market to the masses.  “I market my homes as if every home is a million dollar listing or more,” says Ryan, noting that every house gets the full ‘Lifestyle’ package, whether priced at $500,000 or $2 million plus.  Before a home is listed, Tim & Ryan pay for staging and interior design and provide a digital marketing platform that continues to be refined.  “Our digital marketing gets the maximum exposure with SEO techniques and enhanced online placements.  We’re also doing target marketing and text-message marketing.  We create specific Landing Pages to attract buyers in a unique manner.”  From professional 4K photography, videography, and aerial drone footage; their team then produces property-specific websites and four-page highest-quality color brochures, boosting these out to prospective buyers by investing in Facebook Ads targeting the local and international buyer pool.

All of this effort helps achieve their primary goal – happy clients. “I love being able to educate clients and to help people,” Ryan says.  “It’s about the person, not the money.  Around our office we say, ‘People before things,’ and we know that as long as we’re taking great care of people, the best will come.”  Having sold more than 500 homes, their vast experience enables them to be proactive, not reactive, during each transaction.  “We’ve been in this business more than 20 years combined and closed so many deals that we know what can go wrong…”  Ryan says with a self-deprecating laugh.  Tim and his team create the best possible outcomes with the utmost professionalism.  Clients notice, sharing that the experience of working with Tim and Ryan is smoother and more enjoyable than they have ever experienced with other agents.  As a result, clients spread the word about Tim and Ryan as can be seen from the number of lasting relationships.

And despite how involved they are as a top agent team, they still devote energy to supporting the Santa Clara community.  Working by referral allows them to devote time, effort, and energy engaging with their former and future clients.

We also look for any opportunity to assist prior and current military personnel with relocating.  “I want to keep helping people however I can, but nothing is as dear to me as working with the military veterans looking to relocate.  It reminds me of my previous Navy days and I get a kick out of it” he says, echoing a running theme behind their success.

“When You Do What You Love… People Love What You Do!”

If you are looking for a professional real estate team you can trust to act on your behalf, provide impeccable service, and who negotiate on your behalf, then look no further.  Please take the time to chat with us about our credentials as well as look at a few of the testimonials from past clients.  We sincerely look forward to working with you and we’re always happy to help.



Tim and Ryan have an exceptional knowledge of real estate, market conditions, and customer service. We are very grateful for the personal effort that Tim did to help us purchase our townhouse. Without Tim, we don't believe we would have purchased our townhouse.


Buying or selling can be a scary process, with questions like: Will the market stay up or dip before we sell? Do we have curb appeal? What paint colors are trending? On and on the questions continue… until you are introduced to this fine team. They answered all our questions and helped implement needed repairs and improvements (with a 0% loan), staging, and marketing strategies to net maximum return on our residential investment. They are the 1st listing agents to sell a home for over $1.2M in our Burbank neighborhood. We will never be able to express how thankful we are for having them support us through this stressful time. They got us top dollar and even connected us with a top agent in Florida to help us with our relocation. We are confident that they can help you with any of your real estate needs as well!


I usually don’t write reviews & only decided to go ahead with this one because of how impressed both my husband & I are with Ryan & Tim! Hoping to help others out of “the stuck place”, like we were in, prior we to working with them. Being a first time buyer in an absolutely daunting task to  take on without the support of a professional agent. So being a first time buyer that just moved to the USA from another country is by right almost ludicrous in the current Bay Area market! Fortunately my husband and I managed to stumble on Ryan & Tim whilst in the process of buying. We had been looking for a few months & dealt with several agents but never really felt comfortable enough to commit to any agent until Ryan & Tim. The “dynamic duo” worked cohesively with us throughout the entire process & still keep in touch to this day! If you are looking to list, buy or even invest in the current market effortlessly, Ryan & Tim are your “go to” guys. Their primary objective to keep their clients happy at all times is what will always keep them soaring in this market. We personally found them to be extremely well rounded in every way. Just to mention some of the qualities displayed whilst working with them:

•Positive •Flexible •Ethical •Quick Thinking •Insightful •Strong ability to articulate on any level •Thorough •Resourceful •Positive •Sincere •Good Humored •Reliable •Experienced •Great Listeners

I could go on for ages! We were extremely delighted with our purchase & will enlist them again for our investment properties in the future. If you are struggling like we were at first, to find a team to work with. Ryan & Tim are definitely the only agents that we’ve found that skillfully mold their services to reach an end goal with their clients. Their primary focus to assist the client by providing impeccable service to either list, buy or help you invest in the market is nothing short of excellent! Thank you team Ryan & Tim!


We were out of town sellers, Tim and Ryan kept us up to date on all details, they found reasonably priced, professional help for home repairs, painting, gardening, all of our home needs. These things would have been very difficult for us. We never had to worry, they always checked with us before  scheduling. They went above and beyond our expectations, we would not hesitate to recommend them. We loved our home, and they were as excited as we were that they found a buyer that also loved our, now their, home!


Tim and Ryan went above and beyond in every way when my wife and I were looking to buy a home. We were first time home buyers and they really walked us through the process in what to expect, helped with our loan officers, and even helped with referrals for contractors to redo the kitchen. Truly a one stop shop with this team!


I worked with Tim and Ryan to purchase my home in San Jose. They took the time to understand my needs and recommend suitable properties. For the all the properties he recommended, Tim provided extensive details and background, even visiting them ahead of time before taking me. He was also very  responsive to all my emails and calls. I also liked that Tim had a renovation background and provided me estimates on what it would probably cost to do the repairs/fix up the properties we saw. Tim was also great during the negotiation and offer process. He knew exactly what to do and was able to help me get the property I wanted. Everything was smooth throughout the entire process. I highly recommend working with Tim and Ryan.


From beginning to finding, Ryan was there all the way. Working with us to come up with a competitive bid yet not over spending too much money, coordinating with the seller to let us in for measurement during the closing period, constant follow up with the lender to ensure we stick to the closing date, and always be there to answer our questions. On top of that, Ryan even shared some of the contractors he had used in the past for our remodeling. It was a pleasure working with him and I would definitely recommend him to friends and families.


Honest, Humble, Upfront, Pragmatic, Resourceful, Master communicator, Value hunter, Customer obsessed. These words pop up when I think of Tim. As a first time home buyer the house hunting process overwhelmed me because I had some unique requirements and constraints. I found Tim via a friends recommendation. I first met Tim at a coffee shop to discuss my needs. I knew he understood my needs because he bought a few listings with him based on a brief phone chat we had a day before. Tim being a successful investor himself was one of the reasons I chose him. I also learnt that he had a background as Attorney. As my requirements were unique Tim proposed he would start sending me handpicked listings instead of signing me up for noisy email updates. This saved me time. Soon we started discussing pros and cons of different properties. Here I was amazed by Tim's upfront feedback on the value vs the risk associated with the purchase. In this phase I felt like I had a seasoned investor holding my hand through the process. Once we determined the fit, Tim scheduled the visits. Tim's Negotiation opened doors to some properties which were not open for several reasons. The first house that we decided to place a bid was Tim's find. He pointed out the hidden value and how to maximize it once we purchase. We were close to sealing the deal but an all cash buyer overpaid right before us. Tim did not let us feel disheartened and kept us focused. Through this process, my requirements got clearer to me. I added good school district as a criteria and Tim took care of this change effortlessly. Even in the subsequent 3 offers we made, Tim was very methodical with the CMA and never let us bid more than the value. I also noticed that Tim's professionalism always made the seller agents work with him over other agents. Finally, our offer on this house was accepted. We were comfortable with the valuation, and the future prospects looks good. Tim being an Attorney helped us navigate some complexity with the easement of the property. He helped me navigate the legal terms and guided us through the process where the seller could have backed out. Eventually we closed Escrow and Tim helped me pick the right contractor for my remodel. Thanks to his prior experience I got a really honest general contractor for my job. In summary, Tim always went above and beyond my expectations and kept my interest in the forefront through several difficult situations. I wholeheartedly recommend Tim and will definitely work only with him in future.